Dog Ear Infection

Information about Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Dog ear infection

The infection caused in the dog’s ear due to over growth of the bacteria or yeast is known as Dog’s ear infection. The dog ear actually consists of three layers, the inner layer a, the middle layer and the outer layer. The layers of the ear in the dog have a balance of the yeast and the bacteria. When this balance gets disturbed, there is an infection in the dog’s ear.

If the infection in the dog is in the outer ear, it is known, as ‘ Otitis Externa’, if the infection is in the inner ear it is known as, ‘Otits Interna’, if the infection is in the middle ear it is known as ‘Otitis Media’.

This type of infection starts from the outer ear passes through the ear canal and passes to the central nervous system, which can result in serious illness and even death.

Types of Dog ear infections

There are basically two types of Dog Ear Infections:

Bacterial Ear infection: This type of ear infection might occur if there is observed a discharge from the dog’s ear and an unpleasant odour. Also, in such an infection, there is swelling and redness in the ear.

Dog Yeast Ear infection: This type of ear infection can be there if there is dryness and itching observed in the dog’s skin. The dog ear infection can also spread to other parts of the dogs body such as paws or face.

dog ear infection

Causes of Dog ear infections

Moisture: Moisture is one of the major causes of Dog Ear Infection. If the dog is kept in contact of water through any means there is high risk of growing infection in the Dog’s face. Increasing humidity in the climate can cause the dog to have more ear infection.

Allergies and Immune system: Allergies are another cause of ear infection. Dogs that have any kinds of allergies have a higher probability of ear infection.

Prevention of Dog ear infection

The prevention of the growth of the bacteria in the dog’s ear is the necessity to prevent Dog’s Infection. This can be done by proper grooming of the dog’s hair so that the bacteria and yeast cannot build up to a greater extent. If the dog is frequently taken outside the dog should be properly checked for foreign objects.

Symptoms of Dog ear infection

The basis symptoms of the dog ear infection include discharge from the ear that is usually black or yellow in colour. Sometimes, it may even contain blood.

When the dog scratches his hairs excessively, or rubs them or shakes his head over and over again.

The dog cannot walk properly and there can be seen off balance in walking.

Whenever we would touch the dog’s ear, it would react to the same.

dog ear infection

Remedies for infection in the Dog’s ear:

Providing warmth to the affected area reduces the swelling in the ear. Applying a warm cloth or a warm towel, over the affected area, reduces the swelling in the ear and reduces the bacterial effect in the ear.

By applying the green tea twice a day reduces the ear infection.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Dog ear infection can be treated by antibiotics and should not be ignored. It takes from a few days to few weeks depending on the type of infection.


Thus dog’s ear infection should be properly taken care of and shouldn’t be ignored. Your dog is the part of your life, a part of your home and should be taken full care of.